Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween! 🎃

I have been running between school parades and Halloween parties and doctor appts and everything else today! So I'm taking a couple of moments now to post a few snapshots of Callum, in costume, before we head out to trick or treat and then I collapse for the night. 😉

Sadly (for me, it doesn't seem to bother him), Logan did not care about dressing up this year, so no costume or trick or treating for him! He's looking forward to handing out candy instead.

Callum decided he wanted to be Bowser this year, which is probably the trickiest and most challenging costume I've made yet, but I think it came out pretty well (and probably a blessing that I only had one costume to worry about vs two!).

Here's a few snaps I took as we left for school and later in the day, at school. :)

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