Sunday, October 15, 2017

Pumpkin Patch Day

We pass by this local pumpkin patch multiple times every day. And every time, Callum wistfully (and/or loudly) asks to go. I'll admit, sometimes I even choose the longer way home JUST SO we don't have to drive past and remind him of what he doesn't get to do!

Because the air has been so crappy lately, I've basically put a moratorium on any outdoor activities, but today, the kids were going a little stir crazy and since I keep putting the poor kid off, I thought Hey! The air is much better today, it's actually warm outside too, so let's just go over to the pumpkin patch for a quick visit.

Callum had a ball and was so happy we finally made it. Yay!

Poor Logan, however, was quite bored (as were his parents). I think he's finally aging out of this sort of thing (this particular patch *is* geared more toward smaller kids anyway, which doesn't help).....kind of makes me a little sad, but also excited at how much we're witnessing him growing up.

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