Thursday, November 15, 2018

School closed tomorrow

Northern California has been fighting a tremendous fire (the most deadly in all of our state's history!) for the past week. While the fire is hundreds of miles away from us - we have been covered in a cloud of smoke which has affected our air quality each day.

All week, the schools have canceled any outdoor activities and have been operating in a "Shelter in Place" protocol, keeping windows and doors shut, and turning off all HVAC systems. Slowly, and unfortunately, the air quality has worsened - to the point that our district decided late tonight, to close the schools tomorrow. I'm glad that they did.

I was out running errands today and was just shocked at how hazy and crappy our visibility has been. Normally, we have amazing views of the hills all around us. You can hardly make them out right now. It's so sad and heartbreaking, since it means if it's this bad here, it's unthinkable how awful it is near the site of the fire. 😩

Luckily, the boys don't seem to be too affected by the smoke. I've been the most sensitive to it - headaches, burning eyes, persistent cough, pretty much since the weekend.

They're forecasting some rain next week, right around Thanksgiving. We need it so desperately - I may try to get us all to do a rain dance, or two, tomorrow.

After all, there's no school. What else will we do? 😊

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