Monday, November 12, 2018

Thank you to our veterans

I actually meant to post this last week - but given the note says to wear red, white and blue - it seems appropriately fitting to also thank our veterans for their tireless service and dedication to our country on this special day.

I noticed this card the other day while I was picking up in the boys' room and just had to snap a pic.

Callum's school just recently decided to participate in the same "spirit days" that Logan's school (the middle school) puts on. At Logan's school, it's a competition between each grade on who can demonstrate the most spirit - and the kids gain points for their grade each time they participate on these specific days. At the end of the year, I think the winning class gets a trip to Great America or something like that. I didn't follow it that closely last year because Logan wasn't very interested in participating. :/

Last week, Callum's teacher included a note in her weekly newsletter announcing they'd be taking part in the spirit days too - the first being on Friday where the kids should wear red, white and blue.

My ultra rule follower and competitive "all about maximizing every point possible" kid came home Thursday after school and immediately made himself a reminder (folded, so it would stand!!), to make sure he'd dress appropriately the next morning.

I didn't catch a picture of him on Friday, but not only did he dress in red, white and blue - but he pulled out his school t-shirt, which happens to be a red, white and blue tie-dyed design all over it. He had nailed it out of the park. I told him if his teacher didn't give him extra points for school spirit, on top of the colors spirit, she was crazy. ;-)

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