Sunday, March 17, 2019

Parent Teacher Conferences

I met with both of the boys' teachers this last week to hear how things are going in school. They're both bright kids but of course, have a few things they need to work on. I feel like saying "you're preaching to the choir lady" anytime I go to these damn meetings. Nothing they tell me is a mind blowing surprise or anything. :)

Interestingly, Callum's teacher decided to have the kids present at their own conference, so I got to also listen to Callum's self-assessment and question him directly too! I loved his "reflection" paper (that he was reading off of in the meeting) and had to share here.

When he said he needs to work on talking a little less - I said, "hmmm, what a surprise!"

And he said, "What? How is that a surprise? I talk a lot!!"


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