Sunday, July 11, 2010

Delay Tactics

Of all the bedtime ritual delay tactics (need milk, need juice, want to read a book, need to go potty, want to rub my back, scared of [fill in the blank], lay down with me Mommy, need my Daddy, etc.), I think I like tonight's the best.

Tonight, I was attacked by the Kissing Monster.

Logan got it in his head to start kissing me non-stop this evening, as I lay next to him in bed singing him songs and quieting him down for bedtime. It was pretty cute at first, just a small peck here and then another peck there. But then it got so out of hand, I actually started laughing, and couldn't stop! Logan caught on of course. So, the more he kissed me (in the end, tackling me as I tried to "hide"), the more I couldn't contain my joy and laughed even harder. He was thrilled to detain his bedtime a few more minutes. And, I was thrilled to be so very loved. :)

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