Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Loganism(s) of the day

I'm finding that swim days are good days to capture "Loganisms" - probably since I have a chunk of time where there are no (Callum) distractions and it's just Mommy and Logan time. ;-)

1) After swim class:

I want to go in the boys room.

Mommy can't go in there.

Why not?

Because I'm not a boy.

But I'm a boy.

2) In the changing room:

What are those? (pointing to my boobs)

Those are Mommy's boobies.

Oh! Mommy's boobies are big. Logan's boobies are small.

3) Out to dinner with my family: my brother Zane took Logan to the bathroom when he said he needed to go potty. Upon returning, about 10 feet away from our table, Logan does a big fist pump in the air and yells to us at the top of his lungs:


He sat down, turned to me and quietly said:

Mommy, I feel better.

And then, a couple of minutes later, he follows with another fist pump and:


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