Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mama's Day

A few pics I pulled up from Mother's Day three weeks ago.

A lazy Sunday morning in bed with my boys (the best time of the day!) Both boys are holding onto their dragons - so cute!

The boys were taking turns sitting in Logan's sofa chair - we decided it was probably time to buy one for Callum

See, this just can't be comfortable!  ;-)

My mom's birthday also happened to fall on Mother's Day this year so we met up with my parents and Zane for dinner in Palo Alto

All decked out in their Hawaiian gear (they just got back from a trip to Hawaii)

Callum was fascinated with the mirror (behind Jon)

Swords, lightsabers or eating utensils?  Hard to say.

Or perhaps drumsticks  :)

Callum getting comfy with Uncle Zane and Zabuton (while I scarf down my dinner!)

I think next year will be 50 years that they've been together.  A fantastic couple to model after.

Happy Birthday Mom! And, Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful mothers out there!

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Elizabeth said...

FIFTY YEARS blows my mind. But on the other hand, they're Bart and Susan. They've been a set for...uh...the THIRTY years I've known them!

My parents have "only" been together for 40 (41?) years and married for 39.