Saturday, May 28, 2011

A gorgeous Friday evening on the lawn

As you can tell, I'm going through all of my old pics this weekend. While digging, I found these, which I had completely forgotten about. I took these pics on a Friday evening, after we had gotten home from school/work. The weather had warmed up and it was still beautiful and light outside so I decided to pull a blanket out and sit us out on the lawn to play for a bit.

This was about 8 weeks ago (and this holiday weekend, the first "official" weekend of the summer, it's raining.  Go figure!).

What amazes me most is how much older Callum already looks now vs. in these pics just last month! If I wait any longer to post these, people might not believe these are really of him.

Enjoy :)

The sky was absolutely gorgeous that night

Logan playing some hoops ... with his volleyball  ;-)

He brought out all of his favorite toys.  The rocket was a MUST.

As were his cars...

And this ring-toss game...

As he was showing me each of these cars, he was telling me that one of them was for each of us in the family.  I can't remember now who was supposed to have which car.  So, let's say this one was Logan's.

And this one was Mommy's.

And this one was Callum's.

And this one was Daddy's.  *shrug*

Grover enjoying the time outdoors too.

Who is this chubby baby?!?

He looks way too young to be MY child.

Seriously though, who IS this guy??

Chubby, short and baby cute.

Logan coming in close to play with his brother.

Logan LOVES hugging Callum.  Callum isn't quite sure what to think.

He certainly looks like a big kid here doesn't he?!

And this one looks like a BABY!

Our adorable innocent little baby.

I'm pretty sure this was supposed to be a squished fishy face.

My handsome boy.

My other handsome boy.

Ahhhhhh yes. Life is good.

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