Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Loganism of the day

Logan, Callum and I dropped Jon off at the airport this morning on our way to school.  As Jon got out of the car, Logan looked up and asked why no one was unbuckling him and letting him out of the car.  I told him he wasn't getting out - we were just dropping Daddy off at the airport and he should say goodbye.

As he waved goodbye to Jon, he turned to me and said:

But Mama, I would LOVE to ride an airplane....

I know Buddy.  Hopefully we can ride an airplane soon - maybe even a very LONG airplane ride to see Daddy next month.

You mean, like to Hawaii?

Even longer.

Jon is traveling every week this month and possibly several weeks (in a row) next month.  It's going to be a long summer.  The only saving grace for me, is that we may get to join him for one of his trips next month.  And, it's the only saving grace I can give to Logan as well.

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