Sunday, February 5, 2012

Adenoids look good!

I forgot to follow up after our ENT visit the other day.  The x-ray procedure was a bit traumatic for poor Callum.  Since I had to hold him, the folks first outfitted me with a heavy lead apron and neck wrap, which scared the shit out of Callum.

Then, we had to hold him super still (me and another one of the assistants there) while they got the machines up really close to his face/neck for the x-rays.  He was NOT a happy camper but thankfully, the people there were awesome and really good (there were 4 people helping with his x-rays, besides me!), so they got clear shots on both, the first time through.  Here's a peek at what his x-rays look like!

As you can see (har dee har har), his adenoids are normal sized and look just fine.  Whew!  So, no surgery for Mr. Callum.  That said, if he has another series of ear infections which require another set of tubes, the doctor may look and remove the adenoids during the tube surgery, if it makes sense.  I'm hoping the one set is all he needed to get him over the hump and his ears (and sinus/etc) will be fine moving forward.  :)

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