Sunday, February 12, 2012

MLK Weekend

At the start of the year, the Cables family sent us a note asking when they could drop by to visit next, since it had been awhile since we'd seen each other, and they were planning to take another road trip up north soon (they're down in San Diego).

We tossed around a few various weekends that could work, but it was hard to pin us down (isn't it always?!) because I knew hell at work was about to hit (we hadn't announced anything to our employees yet, let alone the public announcement), Jon had his surgery and work conference scheduled.  Not thinking they'd bite, I suggested the weekend after next (MLK weekend) because we were less busy then and could make it work on our end.

After looking at their own schedules and all, it looked like that was it!  They came in Thursday night after work and stayed through the weekend.  We had a great time as always.  

The kids get along SO well together, and it's fun watching them all follow each other around, play, share and fight, for all the same things.  Eric and Jill get to see a bit of what's expected through Logan - we get to all oooh and ahhh over what "used to be" watching the baby, Trent, toddle around (he was just starting to take a couple of steps on his own).

I think Jill and I figured out that Callum and Amelia are actually the closest in age - and we could see it as they tended to stick together the most and bicker the most  :)  But they were ALL fast friends.

We pretty much just stuck around the house on Friday since Jon and I both still had to work some during the day.  I think the "big" event of the day was giving all four a bath at the same time, which was definitely an exercise for all involved.  ;-)

On Saturday we decided to check out the Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo, since we'd never been before and I had heard from some of my fellow parents at work that it was a good spot for kids about the 2-4 age range.  It was!  The place was smaller than the Children's Discovery Museum or Happy Hollow - but still plenty for the kids to roam around, play and explore with, and check out a handful of animals up close too (without the trek up to SFO or OAK for bigger zoos!).

Before they hit the road on Sunday afternoon, we grouped our kids together to try out a few pictures on the bridge (and bench) again.  It was semi-successful - I look forward to seeing how long we can keep the tradition up. ;-)

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