Wednesday, February 1, 2012

ENT check up

Callum's hearing is still doing great, tested in normal ranges. His right tube is still in but his left tube has now fallen out (this is normal as the kids grow). The good news is there aren't any holes in his ear drum and it looks healthy. So here's to hoping we don't have any more ear infections to battle.

However, he's fighting another cough/cold with a crummy looking runny nose that has the doctor a little concerned (esp. since he gets sick quite frequently, his sinuses always seem to take a hit, and he has a history of ear infections). So, we're currently sitting at the radiology center to get his adenoids x-ray'd, just in case there's signs of enlargement and/or infection there. If yes, we'll likely get them removed. :/

Wish us luck!

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Kimmy said...

Good on you for getting them removed. My parents always let me go "NONONO" when they said mine needed to come out and I've been fighting horrible sinuses issues my whole life