Sunday, February 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Jenn!

Last night, we had a great (adults-only) night out celebrating Jenn's
birthday. We first had a yummy dinner with great conversation, then
headed to the comedy club where I laughed more than a few times until
I cried, and THEN, we headed to a nearby club where we were
immediately waved in without ID checks (we joked, the bouncers were
probably trying to rush us in as fast as they could so the young kids
wouldn't see us and find another hipper younger club instead). ;-)

We sat around talking for a bit until a few of us finally headed
upstairs to the dance floor and danced our butts off. It was great fun
but oh man did it remind me how old and out of shape I now am!! :)

Happy birthday Jenn! Hope you had a great time!

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