Saturday, February 16, 2013

SAP Open

It's that time of year again!

Since Zane works at SAP, he gets discount tickets to the SAP Open,
which we love to take advantage of. ;-) So, Zane, my Dad, Callum and I
(you can see the three of them waving to me on the escalator - super
small! - in the second pic) headed out to catch the semi-finals this
afternoon. I had actually intended on taking Logan but he had no
interest in going, meanwhile Callum was begging to go see Zabuton, so
Callum it was! I was a little worried he would be bored out of his
mind and super loud and disruptive but he did great! Of course, Uncle
Zane keeping him distracted with chips and cookies from the SAP (free)
food bar didn't hurt. ;-)

The first match went by super quick, about an hour. Sadly, the
favorite (Isner) wasn't on his A-game today and lost pretty bad (to
Haas). We hung out for a little bit after it was over and then headed
home. Zane and my Dad went back for the second semi-final match, but
decided to stay home and hang out with Logan while Callum napped.

What a fun way to spend a Saturday! :)

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