Friday, May 22, 2015

Logan's Walk-a-thon

Today was the annual Walk-a-thon at Logan's school! Last year he meandered during most of the walk and chatted with friends.

But this year.

This year - he was all serious business!

All week long he's been negotiating with me for more money (to pledge him). Here's how one of our conversations went a couple of days ago:

Me: Ok, I'll give you a $50 bonus if you beat your record (he did 12 laps last year). And then I'll give you another $50 bonus if you make it to 15 laps. What do you think?

L: Awesome!

Then I started thinking about it, and thought well shit, he may be able to walk 20 laps so maybe I should incent him to do more!

So I said: Actually, let's do this. I'll give you a $50 bonus if you make it to 15 laps. And THEN, I'll give you a $100 bonus if you make it to 20 laps!

He said: So I can get an extra $200!! Cool!

Me: Uhhh, no. Wait a minute. It's an extra $150. How do you figure $200?

L: Mom! I'll get $50 for beating my record, $50 for getting to 15 laps and $100 for getting to 20! That's $200 extra.


Me: Oh, I see. Well, I had thrown out that first $50 since I decided to give you a bigger bonus for making it to 20.

L: What?! That means you don't love your son! This is for CANCER MOM. Don't you want to help Callum?!


Another example of his negotiating skills at play happened this morning during the walk.

He was pretty beat toward the end (you can see the evolution in these pics - the first he's holding up "1" to show he's finishing his first lap, the second pic he's holding up "10" to show he's finishing his 10th lap, and the final pic is the exhausted kid on his last lap).

So, after finishing his 16th lap, he just stopped dead in his tracks next to me and said ok I'm done. I'm stopping at 16.

I said, but then that means you won't get your big 20 lap bonus!

Yeah, oh well.

How about one more lap? Callum and I will walk it with you.

Will you give me the $100 bonus if I do one more lap?


(In case you're wondering, he finished at 18. And did very well! We're so proud of you Logan! I'll share more later after I tally up how much money he raised!) :)

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