Saturday, May 9, 2015

Swimming is coming along

I take pics here and there through the boys' swim lessons but I always forget to post about them. Yeesh.

These are actually from their lesson this past Wednesday. They're both doing really well. I love these underwater shots of them - they are so comfortable in the water now. And each day they look more and more natural and fluid with their strokes.

Callum is almost done with his current level - he's able to swim a length of the pool both on back stroke and crawl. His teacher wants him to do a few more strokes before rolling on his back to breathe (during crawl) so that's what he'll work on next time.

Logan just passed another level this past Wednesday which he's very proud of. He's able to make it about half way across the pool with his breast stroke and has started learning how to side breathe while swimming crawl. He's doing amazing, but his weakness is his kicks, since he sometimes forgets to kick and his whole body starts to sink. :)

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