Sunday, July 26, 2015

Another gorgeous day in paradise

We ditched the idea of mini golf given how BLAZING HOT it was this afternoon. Everyone was pretty grumpy, hot, tired and feeling crummy.

Jon knew I was bummed that we also didn't get to the beach today, so he spontaneously did a quick drive by Anini Beach on our way home, and once the boys saw the beach they asked if we could stop so they could get out and play (they had been the main reason we didn't go earlier since they wanted to hang out at the pool first before the beach). Anyway, YAY!

What made our unplanned visit even better? I took Logan out snorkeling for the first time and not only did he do GREAT and hung with me the entire time, but he LOVED IT. Yay again!! :)

We decided to eat in for dinner tonight, so we picked up a few things from the store on our way home and everyone showered off the Pacific before settling into PJ's and filling our tummies. Just after we finished eating, I noticed the gorgeous sun setting outside. So I grabbed the camera and walked out to our patio, snapping away.

It doesn't get much better than this. :)

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