Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Uncle's Shave Ice

Dessert for dinner?!? Don't mind if we do! (It's our last night, after all!) ;-)

We had A BLAST on our tubing adventure this afternoon, floating through the many canals, flumes and tunnels of an old sugar plantation. I didn't get any pictures though :( since we don't have a waterproof camera (something I guess I need to get before our next trip!).

After, our driver told us about the best shave ice place on the island, called Uncle's, that we should try out.

He also told us about two other specialities that Uncle's has - a delicious honey toast and something called shave snow (which is a Taiwanese take on shave ice where they mix in milk with the syrup to make it more creamy).

Both were absolutely scrumptious!! And such a nice (sweet - ha!) ending to our stay here. :)

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