Monday, July 27, 2015

So dang hot!

Wow we sure aren't used to the hot weather!!

After our (yummy!) breakfast, we drove a short distance to check out Hanalei Bay - which was absolutely gorgeous but by 9am we were already sweating under that searing sun! :)

So Mom and Dad sought out a tiny spot of shade while the boys played in the sand/water building sand castles and gleefully laughing every time the waves would wash ashore and run over their latest creation.

Once Jon and I had enough sun, we dragged them back to the car and headed back into town to do a little (window) shopping. The boys weren't as patient waiting in the hot sun for us as we were for them out on the beach. Funny how that works out isn't it? ;-)

We got Jon some new flip flops and I got the boys some shark teeth necklaces as a fun (albeit touristy, I know) souvenir (they are both really into sharks lately - especially Callum). :)

We got back to our hotel to relax in the room for a bit and unwind before we head out to the pool (Logan wants to practice snorkeling - which I'm pleased as punch about, since he's taken up such a big interest in a favorite activity of mine!).

All of this was done well before Noon. Just the other day, Logan had a fabulous Loganism of the Day, which would apply to today too:

"The days here seem very very very long." (He made this observation after a lovely breakfast, swim at the pool, full day of ATV riding and shave ice after - and observing more out of wonderment than complaint of course.) ;-)

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