Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Breaks my heart

I'll try to post some gorgeous pics from our trip to make up for these crappy two, later, when I'm feeling better. Jon came down with the flu while we were in Mexico and unfortunately, I got hit with it the night we got home. So we have been a sad pair! I'm sad he didn't get to enjoy the trip as much as everyone else - I guess we'll have to return again soon. :) I took this first pic to send to Callum, on our flight home, so he could see he's not the only one having to wear a mask!

I've been pretty incapacitated these last couple of days, fighting some high fevers, aches and chills. Jon took Callum to the hospital today for his "Day 8" Vincristine infusion and said everything went swimmingly.

But, then he got home and has been begging me for food (he had his last dose of steroids this morning but the munchies are definitely in full swing right now). He was crying from the hallway (because I've told him he can't enter my bedroom) that it isn't fair why he has to wait so long until he can eat again (it's been about an hour - he had a hot dog and a lunchable pack! So he's definitely not starving).

He finally just lost it and broke down sobbing. Couldn't move poor guy. I want to just pick him up and cuddle and hold him and tell him it'll be ok but I can't. :(

I was able to move him to his bed to lay down and relax a bit. Slowly patting his back and keeping my distance (mask on, slathered in hand sanitizer!). This is probably the worst, not being able to comfort your baby when he's so out of sorts. :(

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Grandma Riedy said...

It is definitely the worse. A Jewish proverb says "A mother is only as happy as her saddest child".
Seeing how sad he is I know how sad you are. One mom to another