Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Day 1, Cycle 6

This is the first day of our last full cycle! (We will have a 7th cycle but won't complete the full cycle based on the number of days Callum has left)

We had a good visit today. His port access went really well. He had a harder time with the pentamidine (antibiotic that he breathes in from a mask) today, but still did fine. We also had a longer then usual appointment for his chemo infusion, since we have a(nother) new nurse assigned to us. So I spent a lot of time going over Callum's history and stuff I think she should know about or keep an eye on moving forward.

His counts were a little lower than usual (ANC = 720), but still good. We start his 7 days of steroids tonight (boy oh boy) and then we'll be back in a week for another infusion of vincristine. Phew!

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