Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Logan's Spring Assessment

This week is the Spring Parent/Teacher conference week at the boys' school. Logan's teacher sent home a note a couple of weeks ago, letting me know she didn't see the need to meet since he's been doing fine and is ready for the 3rd grade next year.

While that was nice to hear, and I'm all about not having meetings if we don't need them, I was still a little nervous about accepting it. Ha! 

(I can't remember if I have blogged much on this topic before, but last year, at his previous school, his teachers basically told me he was behind in almost every subject, and would really need to step it up in order to keep up with the kids in 2nd grade this year. While alarming to hear, it became par for the course at the school, sadly, since the majority of his teachers just didn't seem motivated or interested in working with him, to help him learn). :/

So, when I got her note, I emailed his teacher and asked if she'd have time to email me her feedback instead of meeting, and most importantly, outline any weaknesses of his that we should focus on over the summer, given his history (I had met with her at the start of the year to relay my worries based on the previous school's assessment, so she was aware). 

I have seen him really come around this last year - the transformation, and difference from his previous school, has been amazing. He reads, on his own, because he wants to. The reading, and his teacher's focus on spelling each week, have really improved his writing and spelling.  And he KILLS IT in math. But this is just my impression when I review his homework each week. I really have no idea if he's "at level" or not....

Logan's teacher just emailed me her assessment today, so I thought I'd share it here.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Logan is doing fantastic.  He has many strengths especially in math.  He has a really good number sense.  He is able to do multi-step problems and figure out the answer.  

In writing he is also doing well.  His reversals that he had in November are almost if not gone at this time.  He has a nice way of organizing his story and its easy for the reader to follow.  His spelling tests continue to be 12/12 and the nice thing is that his spelling within his writing has gotten much better.  

He continues to read a grade level which is fantastic.  He is accurate and reads at a nice speed.  He is able to answer different questions about the story that he read.  I would still like him to work on reading out loud.  He can mumble which makes it difficult for the reader to hear/understand him.  

Overall, he will be ready for 3rd grade.

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Grandma Riedy said...

I am so happy to see that he likes to read. Such adventures to be found in books. Tell him to write his abuelitos a note. We are old fashioned and still love snail mail. lol