Thursday, October 6, 2016


Once Callum woke up, he was pretty pissed. :( I think I've heard that can happen sometimes when you wake after being I didn't take it personally. The nurses didn't want him to eat right away, they asked me to ease into it with a drink first, but he was STARVING and getting more and more pissy by the minute.

I finally got him to gulp a sip or two of apple juice before letting him dive into his bag of Cheeto puffs that we had packed together that morning. Once he started munching away, his hangriness disappeared. Imagine that! ;-)

Then he noticed the missing bump from his port, and a scar in its place....and also noticed the IV in his hand. Which caused him to be all the more pissy again because it suddenly started hurting him (he was moving around a lot so I can only imagine he probably pinched it or something) and all he could do, between mouthfuls of bright orange powder puffs, was scream at me to get it out. *sigh*

So I motioned the nurse to come over so she could take it out. As soon as she started prepping, I think it dawned on Callum that it might hurt a little to take it out, so then he started begging me that he wanted to be put back to sleep before she took it out. :)

She slipped the tiny little needle (tube?) out quickly and - probably - painlessly, but his emotions got the better of him and he just broke down sobbing poor guy. It was a lot for him (for all of us I think) to handle - I'm so proud of how brave he's been through this entire ordeal, right up to today too.

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