Friday, October 7, 2016

I love these three more than words

This is my family. And boy, I sure do love them to pieces. ❤️

Logan was also an amazing big brother today - he stuffed his pockets with some cash before we left this morning, and asked Jon if they could go to the gift shop while Callum was in surgery. He picked out "Mel", the stuffed animal sitting in Callum's lap (a character from the movie, The Secret Life of Pets).

He also spent all afternoon hanging out with Callum, and just checking on him to make sure he was feeling ok, had enough blankets to snuggle with on the couch, or juice to drink in his cup. I give him a lot of grief sometimes, but really, I couldn't have asked for more from Logan today. ❤️

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Grandma Riedy said...

Look at them. How could one not love them❤️