Friday, April 27, 2018

Business Day!

Logan's recent class assignment was to create a new business. The students had to put together a business plan (some worked in small groups and others worked alone) and then figure out how they'd make the product, or provide the service, that they would sell.

They had certain costs to consider (materials, licensing, space to rent, etc) as well as a schedule to manage - leading up to the big day today, where everything was available to buy, by visiting parents, 4th and 5th grade neighboring classes, and fellow classmates too. :)

Every kid did a fabulous job and I came home with a bunch of fun things to share with the family (miniature clay creatures, inspirational art quotes, homemade bath bombs and salts, magnetic slime, pom-poms, bookmarks and of course, Logan's unique comic strips!). So fun!!

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