Monday, April 9, 2018

Callumism of the month

I haven't done one of these in awhile but tonight was pretty precious. Callum was talking to his grandmother Mimi on the phone.

She asked him what he'd like for his birthday, and I held my breath hoping he wouldn't sputter out the top 5 toys he has recently seen on YouTube (yet will not play with after the first 20 minutes!)

Instead, he said, "whatever you think I would like."

I basically felt like that was the ultimate proud-Mom mic-drop moment. My work is done! 😉

I had another proud mom moment earlier today. Logan's teacher has challenged his class to no screens (that means not only no texting or video games or laptop games, but no tv or movies too!) for the entire month of April. I'm happy to report that we are doing great so far!! Today is the first day of spring break, so we hung out at the library for a bit this morning. What a sight, to see these two devouring new books we just picked up!! :)

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