Saturday, April 14, 2018

Columbia State Historic Park

Another great day!

We spent today exploring the historic town of Columbia, a cool little Gold Rush town, founded in 1850, and now a touristy spot which has preserved a lot of its original mining town flare.

We first learned to pan for gold - the boys loved this activity the most and would've stayed to do this all day long, if we had let them! They found a few flakes and a bunch of garnet gems. Very exciting (if not back breaking work!) ;-) The trip, and the gold panning specifically, has been terrific timing and of great interest to Logan, as he just covered the Gold Rush era in his Social Studies at school, the week before break!! :)

After that we explored the rest of the town, checking out the old timey saloon, candy shop, saw what the dentist and drugstore looked like in the 1850's, looked into the town's jail (crazy sad!), and walked up the long hill to the town's schoolhouse. :)

We then headed back to the truck for another yummy picnic lunch, then went back into town to dip our own candles (and buy a few others). We ended with a trip back to the "gold store" so the boys could buy little trinkets filled with gold. Logan is excited to share his gold (and silver, he bought vials of both) with his teacher when he gets back to school this week. :)

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