Saturday, September 13, 2008

Football Player or Ballet Dancer?

Because it was Jon's birthday this week, Auntie Kim bought Logan a couple presents.

Makes total sense, right? :)

She saw a couple Chargers footballs that she couldn't resist - one small nerf ball for Logan to play with now, and one larger one for him to play with when he's a bit older.

I got out the small nerf one today and he immediately started chewing on it, throwing it around, watching it bobble and roll, and then chase after it to throw and bobble around again. It was very entertaining (thanks again Kim!).

However, as with all toys, he soon got distracted, uninterested and needed to move onto the next cool toy. However, since no cool toys were to be found in the immediate vicinity, he made up his own little fun game.


I am not making this shit up.

And so I ask you, are we raising a football player or.... a ballet dancer?

The lines seem a bit blurred at the moment. ;-)

1 comment:

Kim said...

In all fairness the presents were Jon inspired... :-)

Glad to see Logan is enjoying them... even better they seem to be an excellent distraction so you can get some packing done for your trip!