Thursday, September 4, 2008


I mentioned awhile back we checked out all the top-o'-the-line child carriers to start getting ready for our upcoming New Zealand trip. Well, we finally decided on the Deuter Kid Comfort II (love it!) and tried it out on our celebratory thankgodwehaveOdinback walk last night.

I wish I was able to grab a better picture, but as you can see from the faces of my two darling boys, they were impatient and not willing to wait around for me to compose the shot just right.

Ah well. You get the idea.

I'm sure you'll have many more chances to see the backpack in action once we set out for NZ in a couple weeks (woohoo!!).


heather said...

Love the carrier. Can't wait to see all the pictures from your trip!

Jennifer said...

The carrier looks awesome! I am super jealous about the NZ trip!