Wednesday, September 10, 2008

9 months old

Today is a special day, because Logan shares his 9 month birthday with his Daddy's birthday. Happy Birthday Daddy!! We love you! (Happy Birthday to Uncle Kai, too!)

Yesterday Logan had his 9 month check up, and everything is looking just great! He weighs 19 lbs, 14oz (40%), measures 27.5" tall (25%, yes a shorty just like his Dad) and his head circumference is 45cm round (50%). As always, everything is developing nicely, he has a great personality and cognitive awareness, was crawling all over the exam room and chatting with the doctor toward the end of the visit. And, he didn't let out a single peep for his shot! Instead, he just kinda looked up at Dr. Safir with a "What? What's the big deal?" sort of attitude.

When Dr. Safir first came in and was listening to Logan's heart, Logan laid very still staring at him with a cautious, concerned look, all while Dr. Safir was making the silliest faces to get Logan to laugh. Of course, the minute Logan was back in Daddy's arms, he started laughing, smiling and chatting away, so apparently he just wasn't quite sure what to think of the goofy guy sticking lights in his ears and sticks down his mouth. I don't blame him. ;-)

One of the biggest announcements from our checkup, was Dr. Safir's permission to start allowing Logan to drink (cow's) milk! We were surprised, since we had heard you're supposed to wait till the baby is one year old before introducing milk into the diet, but Dr. Safir said not to worry about it and that he should be able to handle the milk just fine by 9 months. This was actually WONDERFUL news for us, because it means if he takes to the milk just fine, then we won't have to worry about bringing gobs of (heavy) formula with us on our trip to New Zealand next week!! WOOHOO

So, we started out last night with Logan's first bit of whole milk (mixed 50/50 with his formula), which he gobbled down no problem. As well as all day today too. Let's hope he continues to like it! :)

I don't feel like there have been as many changes over the last month that are blogworthy. But, if I think real hard, I guess there's been a few.

Logan's now using his index finger quite a bit to touch or move things around. He'll see a speck on the floor and try to push it along with his finger. Just the other day, I caught him tracing the tip of his finger along the ridge of his star-shaped puff before popping it in his mouth. He seems enthralled with this new ability to point and move his little index finger around, independently of all the others.

He's been pulling himself up on everything and stands for as long as he can physically endure. And, has been practicing how to sit down from a standing position. The better days are when he squats first, then sits down, rather than the KABOOM you hear when his butt hits the ground hard, missing the whole squatting first step. Luckily, his diaper provides plenty of extra padding. ;-)

When he's super tired, it can be hilarious to watch, since his legs start to get wobbly from standing so long, and he doesn't have much strength left to bend his knees and use his quads to support him into a squat before sitting down. The poor guy then doesn't quite know what to do and usually will begin to panic a little as he looks at you with big puppy dog eyes, "stuck" in a standing position. hehehe

Over the weekend, he got his first fat lip (accompanied by lots of blood!!). His arm gave way as he was trying to support himself up on his stool, so he came crashing down, hitting his lip on the edge of the stool. Ahhh, just the first of many bumps and bruises.

He screams and sings and talks up a storm. He'll follow you from one room to another (quite like our doggies) chatting along the way, not wanting you to forget the story he's telling.

Now that he has all 4 front teeth in, he's taking to "ripping" or tearing things with his front teeth, and also breaking foods off (like a cracker or chip or even a small cheerio or puff) to chew in smaller pieces. And, with those teeth, he likes to play the very fun game of biting Mom's nose as fast as he possibly can. Every now and then he'll nip you a bit and then he just LAAAAAUUUUGHS because, you know, it's hilarious watching Mommy jump back screaming OWWWW you little punk! Stop that!

He also thinks the word "NO" is the funniest thing ever.


We have a lot to train teach this little one. I suppose a prong collar, crate and doggy treats are out of the question?


Jennifer said...

Happy 9 months Logan! I think a prong collar the perfect solution. I now see why parents put leashes on their kids. ;)

Vicki and Mike said...

Yeah for cows milk and congrats for 9 months and Jon's b-day too. I can understand causing trouble though. Keira's friend Hannah (whose 14 months and my friend Jordan's daughter) is very good at that.