Monday, September 15, 2008


Logan took his first few steps of official cruising today! Unfortunately, I wasn't there to see it :( but, I'm excited nonetheless.

He's been pulling himself up on all sorts of objects for a long time now - but he hasn't been as interested in using the furniture to cruise around the room (he'll take a couple steps if I'm holding him, but not really interested in doing it on his own). Instead, if he sees something on the other end of the coffee table, he'll plop down on his butt, crawl speedy fast to the other end, then pull himself up again. Lazy ass.

Yesterday was a bad day for Mr. Logan - he just wasn't himself. Super clingy, cranky, tired, and running a low grade fever (which was too bad since I had to cut our visit with some friends, one who was visiting from Japan, short). We happened to have an appointment this morning to get his flu shot in before our trip, so I wasn't too worried since I knew he'd be seeing Dr. Safir today. The only point where I was a little concerned was when I put him to bed for the night and noticed how fast he was breathing just to fall asleep. So concerned that, Jon actually went into his room later and timed the number of breaths per minute for me (since I started reading about some icky virus that babies can catch, and one of the symptoms is rapid breathing). Good ol' Internets for ya. ;-)

But I digress.

So, Jon took him into the doctor's office this morning, and while waiting for his appointment, he took several steps on his own, holding onto the kiddy table in the lobby and moving from one end to the other, so that he could get to a toy he was interested in. Woohoo!!

And, just in time for all those SUPER patient travelers who are, in a few days, on the red-eye with us, 30,000 miles high, for about 13 hours.

I can't wait.

As it turns out, Logan *does* have an upper respiratory virus of some sort. So, we skipped the flu shot today and go back in Wednesday to see if it's gotten any better, and if we should try giving him the shot before our trip or not.


Choun Family said...

I hope he feels better soon. Jessie had a plugged nose this morning, I hope there isn't something going around.

Jennifer said...

Poor little guy! Hopefully he is better before Wednesday.

Kim said...

Furniture cruising... very nice! Molly tends to do when she's not thinking about it, but if you try and *make* her do it she has absolutely no interest. I wonder how far down the aisle on the plane he'll make it.

Hope he feels better! Flying sick sucks!