Friday, September 12, 2008

Jon's Birthday Dinner

Tonight we got together with a TON of our friends for dinner to celebrate Jon's birthday (earlier this week). Because Jon is the Socialite of our family, I called our reservation in for 25 adults and 10 kids. Yes, these are our "close" friends. :)

Of course, we ate at none other than Jon's favorite NY style pizzeria: Giovanni's. Yummmmm. We had a great time and were very happy that so many of our friends were able to make it.

Logan was particularly happy today - I picked him up from school early (had to have more blood drawn this afternoon to continue monitoring my hCG levels from the miscarriage), so he got to hang out with Daddy at his office the coffee shop for a bit before entertaining all of our guests at dinner with his double-fisting pizza crusts and spaghetti (learning to slurp!) action.

I'm telling you, this kid of ours is a starch slut.

Happy Birthday once again Daddy. Even though you're a nerdy goofball, we still love you. :)

(Click on the photos to see all of our crazy friends who joined us tonight)


Grandma Riedy said...

What is so cool is to be able to love starch as a baby. Looks like the party animal was actually Logan.

He acts so much like Jonathan did at that age.

So happy he can drink milk, something his dad could not do.

cabriana said...

sorry i missed it.......