Saturday, April 21, 2012

Celebrations continued

Yesterday was a much better day. First off, I got my keys back! (a coworker found them in one of our conference rooms and had turned them in). 

Callum didn't have as great a start to the day. I took him in for his 2 yr checkup, where he had to have his (last) shot.  That was unpleasant and he was pretty cranky the rest of the day unfortunately. :( His growth over the last 6 months has been astounding however. His weight continued to stay at 50% (27lbs, 1oz) but his height is now "off the charts", meaning he's past the 100th percentile (he's 37" tall). Dr. Safir thinks he'll be a tall 6'2" or 6'3" once he's full grown. My dad scoffs at that though, since Safir said the same thing about my brother Kai, who is just shy of 6' tall. So we'll see! :)

For our evening birthday celebrations, we joined my brother, parents and grandparents for dinner at our favorite Mexican spot (La Milpa). Once we stuffed ourselves silly, we headed back to my parent's house for coffee/tea and  cake from a local bakery who is renowned for their banana cake. It was deeeelicious! Callum was very happy eating all of his frosting (and none of his cake). ;-)

To end the night, we opened Callum's remaining presents. Logan loved helping Callum in this process. :) Callum scored a ton of fun presents - but my personal favorite, I'm proud to say, was the little stuffed elephant we got him, which he immediately hugged tight and wouldn't let go the rest of the night! I'm very happy he took so well to it, since we've lately been having some bickering and fighting over Logan's stuffed puppy dog, and I needed to find something special that Callum could claim his own. ;-)

While driving back home that night Logan proclaimed it was a great party and a lot of fun. Glad we could make YOU happy buddy! ;-)

Happy birthday once more Callum!

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