Thursday, April 19, 2012

What an evening!

I lost my truck keys today. And it really ruined my entire evening. 

I walked to the truck, running late as usual to pick up the boys, fumbling in my purse looking for my keys, but not finding them anywhere. I ran back into the office, searched all around my desk, dumped all contents of my purse out - no keys, nowhere. Completely locked out.

What was worse, I had no way to get to the boys to pick them up and Jon was (still is) up in the city. Our car seats are in his car, up in the city, and my truck, locked in the parking lot! 

I called the school to let them know I was locked out and could I pay the teacher to babysit the kids there, until I figured out how to pick them up?  Thankfully, Callum's teacher didn't have any immediate plans and was free.

I retraced my steps throughout the entire building. A coworker helped me the second time through, talking me back through my entire day, going from one conference room to the next searching under tables and chairs but they were nowhere to be found.

So, I called our trusty good friend Kim and thank GOD she was available to help.  She drove to our house to pick up the spare truck key, and then drove all the way to my work to meet me there.  Thank you Kim!!

Meanwhile, one of the moms at the school overheard my problem when I called the school – she's got two boys the same ages as mine and they're all friends.  So, she called me up and offered to take the boys with her to her house to watch (she lives a block from the school).  I was so very lucky to have her help me too!!  She just left her car at the school and walked all four boys home with her (and she's 7 months pregnant!). Amazing.

She texted me this sweet picture of the boys all sitting nicely, eating dinner together, to let me know all was fine. :)

By the time we got home, it was well past Callum's bedtime and he was fast turning into a cranky mess. :(  So much for enjoying a little joyous birthday with my kiddo!

We'll just have to make things right for him tomorrow. ;-)

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