Friday, April 6, 2012

Loganism of the evening

Hey look! Why is that moon following us?


Jon and I took the day off today to relax. Unfortunately, I woke up extremely sick with a horrible case of vertigo and nausea. :(

I spent the morning sleeping, ate a little bit, then forced myself to go to the movies with Jon. Literally forced :) since I was so annoyed that I was sick on the one day that we both took off to spend together!

We saw two movies today and both were great: Jon picked The Hunger Games and I picked Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Naturally, we finished our evening off with a delicious sushi dinner before picking the boys up from school (my stomach has still been queasy most of the day but the vertigo disappeared, thank goodness!)

The boys are both battling head colds, but as long as we are all feeling up to it, I'm hoping we can do some egg coloring and egg hunts this weekend, for Easter.

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