Monday, April 23, 2012

Ear test

I decided to get a hearing test done for Logan since he is always saying "What? What did you say?" and I can't tell if it's just behavioral and he's not paying attention, or if he truly has a hearing problem. And, given Callum's ear issues, I just wanted to be sure.

So we went to our ENT today and got his ears checked out. Good news! His ears are just fine. He has consistently normal results across the board in understanding speech and hearing sounds, nor does he show any signs of infection or fluid, and his middle ear looks healthy upon examination. So, all is good.

Our ENT says it could be Logan has minor ADD but it's hard to tell just yet.  He asked if our pediatrician has mentioned anything and/or if we see Logan as unusually fidgety?  I said, you mean like this? While Logan is yapping away and squirming in the patient chair. ;-)

He just laughed and said we can keep an eye on it but not to worry too much; all kids have a little ADD and if it's a mild case, they usually grow out of it.

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