Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve

We had dinner and opened presents at my parent's house tonight. We all
had a great time. :)

Many years ago when I was small, my parents put together a Christmas
slide show (with real slides people, not PowerPoint) ;-) choreographed
to music and everything, which we would show every year during the
holidays, inviting all of our neighbors over to watch with us.

My dad just converted the audio and slides to digital, made a DVD of
the show, which he recently finished and we had the pleasure of
viewing (now on a TV, so much smaller than his projector screen!) this
evening. It was funny to watch my kids watch what I used to love and
enjoy every Christmas at their age (my parents actually created it
right before Kai was born, when I was 5, Logan's age now). It was a
really special treat to see it again after so many years. :)

We got home late tonight and well passed the boys' bedtime, but they
were pretty excited about Christmas and looking around for Santa's
presence, disappointed that he hasn't visited us yet. I finally
convinced them that Santa wouldn't come until they fell asleep.

Logan gave me very special instructions just before going to bed. He said:

Mom, when you hear a loud THUNK, come get me so we can peek in around
the corner, at Santa coming down the chimney, just like this (and then
he demonstrated by hiding most of his body in the hallway, peering
around the corner and into the living room, with a perfect view of
their stockings).

Pretty damn cute. :)

Merry Christmas Eve!

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