Thursday, December 20, 2012

We'll see if this sticks

Tonight marks 7 straight nights, of the boys sleeping in their bunk
beds, in the same room together.

So far, it's been working out pretty well. Logan is not bothered at
all by the fact that Callum is now sleeping in "his old bed", the
bottom bunk. And, he's not disturbed by the crying and whining and
night time postponing ritual we're currently dealing with, with
Callum. In fact, this change has probably disrupted Logan's life the

Callum I'm a little bit more concerned about. He loves his new bed
and sleeping in the same room as Logan, but he's chattier than ever
and having a hard time falling asleep each night. I think it's just
pure excitement, but he's not sleeping as well right now because of
that. :( Most nights, Logan is passed out before I'm able to finally
relax Callum enough to go to sleep himself! :/

So, we shall see. I'm also a little bummed since it means we'll soon
be moving the crib/toddler bed out, which is yet one more milestone
reminding me just how fast our little guys are growing up.

Meanwhile, Jon is doing his happy dance since it means he'll get his
office back very very soon. ;-)

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Kim said...

You mean Jon hasn't already moved his desk back in?