Wednesday, December 19, 2012

So, this happened.

This was my welcome home (plus another room) last night.

It was my mistake for trusting Tobey and Grover by leaving them out of
their crates yesterday, but still very irritating. We have all been
battling a nasty head/chest cold, so we haven't been exercising the
dogs as much as usual lately. This is our punishment. :(

What did they destroy? A nursing pillow (thus all the foam - when I
had first walked in I thought they had destroyed part of our couch!)
that we had put out to give away, a couple of presents from under the
tree (thus the kids' books) and a number of ornaments - all
irreplaceable, most from my childhood, but the one that upset me the
most was one that Logan had made at school a couple of years ago. :(

Oh well, goes with having dogs who need constant exercise. We've
learned our lesson, that's for sure!

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