Monday, November 2, 2015

Cycle 4 (of 7). Dose 6 (of 8).

For the most part, we just keep going at it, day after day, week after week, month after month, on the same routine we need to follow during maintenance. I don't really take a moment to see the woods for the trees, because really, our lives are usually dictated by one lab result from another.

But every once in awhile, it's nice to take a breath and look at the bigger picture.

We're currently in Week 14 of Cycle 4 in our maintenance program. Every cycle is 16 weeks long, so we're almost done with this cycle. And Callum has 7 cycles total, so we're over halfway done with his maintenance cycles. :)

As for these lumbar punctures, he gets a total of 8 doses throughout maintenance. Today's is #6. Pretty cool to think we're rounding the corner!

He was a champ this morning. Totally relaxed, playing on his iPad all morning while we waited for the procedure team to call us in. His port access was a breeze - the nurses were great and he was super brave. He went under without any complications (I can't remember if I blogged about our last time here but when he went under he starting choking and gasping for air and I had a mild heart attack as it felt like my baby was dying right before my eyes).

Now I'm waiting for the call to come back and sit with him in post-op while they monitor him as he snoozes, until he wakes and starts asking for something to eat and drink. ;-)


Zabuton said...

poor guy.

Zabuton said...

actually, I said, "Poor guy."

- Kai

Grandma Riedy said...

You are all so brave. I believe it's your love for each other that keeps you strong