Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Day 1, Cycle 5

Yesterday we started another maintenance cycle in Callum's chemotherapy program. We have a (long) week of steroids to administer (and deal with) - yesterday was a day at the hospital full of Dr visits and vincristine via IV. He did fantastic through it all! He's become such a champ with his port access these last few visits - he now tells the nurse he will count to 3 for her before she pokes him, which seems to actually work quite nicely. :)

His counts have continued to risen since the neutropenic episode about a month ago so that is good. And with a week on steroids this week they should go through the roof.

We're all still fighting a bit of a head cold, at various stages, but hanging in there. The boys are both off school all week which makes things a little easier and more relaxed at home. Thankfully we should have plenty of movies, couch snuggling, and food around this week to appease Mr. Callum's mood swings. ;-)

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Grandma Riedy said...

At this season we are thankful for grandchildren. Happy Thanksgiving!