Thursday, November 5, 2015


While Callum's LP went just fine on Monday, his counts came back pretty low and he's neutropenic. :( The bummer of this news means we have to stop chemo at home (until his numbers rise), and because we already know he's fighting something, we're keeping him home from school this week too.

The school has been really great - the teachers are sending pictures throughout the day, each day, of Callum's monkey (of the Monkey in my Chair program) and classmates. And each of his classmates made him get well cards that we received and had fun reading yesterday.

Logan has been helpful in acting as the liaison between home and school - carrying Callum's library books to school to return and bringing back new ones to read, or homework to work on.

Today was a great opportunity to work on an activity sent home, since the cabinet maker was monopolizing the TV room anyway (he's working on installing new cabinets for us). Callum and I worked on his monthly calendar, where the kids practice tracing the letters and numbers (filling in the missing ones on their own) and coloring the numbers with a pattern (this month it's "AAB"). They then get to draw a picture for the month - and this time it was of a turkey. He really enjoyed the activity and was very proud of it at the end (although not interested in giving me a good smile for the camera!).

Not to be forgotten, Logan is an expert at his homework these days, usually finishing it in mere minutes, before he trots off to his bus stop for school in the morning. I was really impressed with his idea for his math/word problem, and thought the subject was pretty funny (and so telling of how little boys' minds work!). :)

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Grandma Riedy said...

It's so awesome seeing them enjoy learning and especially reading. Books are gateways to adventure