Monday, November 9, 2015

Minion has returned!

(I forgot to post this last week - but I composed it last Thursday...)

Over a week ago, we found Minion was missing. We aren't exactly sure how he got out but with all the workers coming and going and doors and windows left open, I guess we shouldn't have been too surprised. I thought we were keeping a good eye on him but clearly not! And with the trauma of just moving, he was more skittish than usual.

Where we live now has a fair amount of wildlife. I discovered a family of 5 raccoons in our backyard last week late at night, scouring the place for food no doubt. We have deer galore, possums and skunks. And apparently there are mountain lions that will sometimes venture into the neighborhood. So between all of that and it being a new location, we thought Minion was certainly a goner. :(

Last night, Jon was checking out some of the progress in our back rooms and heard a faint cat cry from outside. We went back to look and sure enough, there was scared and cold little Minion perched on the back corner of the fence, crying out at us. As soon as he saw it was us, he jumped down and we brought him inside.

In between his constant gobbling of food, he'd take a moment to walk around our room and rub up on us, the furniture, even the dogs!! It seemed he was just as happy (and relieved?!) to see us, as we were to see him.


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