Thursday, May 26, 2016

Parenting Fail #7326

When Callum woke up this morning I could hear him make a pouty "harumph" sort of sound. He came into my room looking super sad - holding his tooth fairy pillow, still filled with his drawing (that he had made for the tooth fairy because he swallowed his tooth) and no money.


M: Oh!! The tooth fairy left you a surprise but she gave it to me! Go get ready for school and I'll go get it!

C: Hrmmm. It better not be a hug and a kiss.

(Yes, he really did just say that. *sigh*)

So while he got his clothes on, I quickly cobbled a note together from the Tooth Fairy, with a dollar bill, and stuffed it all into an envelope for him to open.

Luckily, that appeased our little guy and he was all smiles once more. ;-)

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