Monday, June 12, 2017

Counts continue to look great

I'm now way out of order, since this was from last Thursday, but I haven't blogged about Callum's health in awhile - and, for good reason! He's doing fantastic.

He was being his usual weirdo self in the waiting room, so the first few pics I snapped here were of his goofy faces. He actually did some little jig in my bedroom that morning and then stopped dead in his tracks and looked at me (with one of these faces btw), and said, "Mom, I'm so weird huh??"

Yes, yes you are. 🤣🤣

His counts are well within normal ranges - his physical exam went great. He's also in the normal (to a bit tall) on the height and weight trajectory, which his oncologist likes to see. All in all, just a really happy go lucky kind of guy, with a lot of spunk and personality. And, you'd never know he's finished an intense battle over cancer, just months ago!!

While we still do monthly check ups - once we hit the 1 year post end of treatment mark - we will then move to an every other month schedule, which will be nice.

Right now, Callum knows he has to go in for a blood poke every month and, while I don't post it on our family kitchen calendar, I just recently discovered he's keeping track of it in his head. A couple of weeks ago he said to me, Mom - didn't we already have a hospital visit this month? Yes, we did - but that was for May, and next week we'll be in June.... 😬😢

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