Thursday, June 8, 2017

Pizza and Popsicles

Yesterday I was working my butt off, corralling ~100 3rd graders during their "Field Day" - a bunch of activity "stations" were set up across the field for groups of 16-18 of the 3rd graders to hop from. I was leading one of the stations so unfortunately I didn't have a chance to snap any pics. But the kids (and Logan) had a ball. After a couple hours of play, they all got pizza and popsicles to end the day.

As it so happened, I had won an auction item for Callum, to picnic with his teacher and a few other 1st grade winners, for the same day. So here's a pic of Callum with his buddy Evan that Callum's teacher sent me, also enjoying pizza and popsicles at their picnic yesterday. :)

What a rough life!!

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