Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Barack My World

A few folks have asked about this new necklace I'm now sporting (probably since I never wear jewelry) and which you can see me wearing at Molly's birthday party.

Did I get it from New Zealand? Nope. Is it a coincidence that the design is in the shape of Obama's campaign logo? Why no actually, it's no coincidence at all.

I've started doing some of my online shopping at Etsy, a cool place where you can find a bunch of great handmade items. I love browsing at all the beautiful and creative artwork that folks are now selling out there!

Anyway, Etsy shop Silver Cocoon is selling a few pieces of jewelry in support of the Obama campaign. I originally hopped on the bandwagon to buy a couple of her pins for my parents, avid Obama supporters. But, couldn't help but snag one of the necklaces for myself too (Jon says I've turned into an Obama freak).


They are simply gorgeous, wonderfully made, and though a bit pricey, I like the fact that she's offering free shipping and will make a donation to the Obama campaign with every piece sold.


ps. Heather, her shop is located in Minneapolis. So no excuses. I expect the next photos you post up have a few with you wearing a necklace of her's too. ;-)

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Kimmy said...

Oh man, I was hoping you wouldn't tell where you got that. Now I'm going to sit here wondering if I can go without lunch for a week or so to get one!