Monday, October 13, 2008

An Eating Machine

Logan has always had a pretty big appetite, but today when picking him up at school, I was just SHOCKED to see how much he had eaten throughout the day. I had left three bottles (16-18oz) plus some peaches, a fruit bar and a SANDWICH (bread with veggie cream cheese) for him. I dropped him off late, about 11:30am, since I had PT this morning and took him with me. So, I thought FOR SURE that would be more than enough food until I picked him up after work (5:30-6pm).

He ate ALL of it.

Plus, some puffs, Cheerios, freeze dried peas and corn. And, because no more milk was left, the school found a spare sippy cup and gave him water to sip on 'till I got there....

Folks, this is a lot of food. Especially in such a short amount of time.

What makes it even more impressive, is that he woke (me) up and downed 11oz at 2am, and then took in another 8oz of milk, plus some juice and toast for breakfast, at 8:30am.

And I haven't even talked about dinner or the bottle of milk he takes before going down for the night! Seriously, I'm not sure where it all goes. But, he's an eating machine.

My posts the last couple of days, and the next few, are going to be more thin and sparse than usual. As you've already noticed, I haven't been getting in my daily New Zealand updates as I would have liked. Jon took off yesterday morning for an out of town business trip and won't be back until Friday, so I'm home alone again this week.... I've got PT or Dr's appts almost every day and then there's that nagging thing called WORK.

Sooooo, yeah. I'll try to update as much as I can, but really, that's only at night when Logan is finally to bed and I've finished all the dishes, chores, and prepared bottles/lunches for the next day. Bear with me, and try to do without your daily Logan/New Zealand fix for this week. ;-)

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Jennifer said...

Wow! Someone is sure going through a growth spurt!! It is amazing where they can pack it away...