Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

As most of you know, Halloween is, for some reason, one of my most favorite holidays. I think it's the idea of dressing up as someone, or something, else for a day that turns me on. Although I didn't dress up myself this year (something about now being a jam packed busy career woman with a baby in tow), I made sure Logan was dressed to kill at any and all Halloween costume parties we've attended this year.

Jon even got into the holiday spirit - helping me decorate the front porch, complete with our Obama pumpkins and eery green lights. He also helped tend to our crackling cauldron of dry ice and handed out HUGE bars of candy. Apparently he thinks we can buy our way into the good graces of the neighborhood.

And, he's probably right, as every kid, big and small, tonight skipped away onto the next house exclaiming how COOL our house was, while the parents standing back on the sidewalk waved, and gave us a thumbs up for the political statement our pumpkins expressed (some even took pictures!! hehe). ;-)

Even though the trick or treating ended early due to the rain, we had a great time seeing all the many costumes knocking at our door and greeting each one of the kids in our (still fairly new) neighborhood tonight.

And our stinky skunk even visited a few of the nearby houses to wish everyone a happy Halloween!

Now, what to do....what to do with all the extra candy we have left...

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Grandma Riedy said...

What a cutie! Jonathan actually did carve a pumkin once-but it was during his 'I cant' stand anything yucky" phase.

Glad he is over it.